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On some purely grammatical level, “Solo Touch” seems like a wordy way to politely avoid the word “Masturbation.” Well, no shame here! If you’re flying “hand solo” these days, Solo Touch will show you—or rather, tell you—that you are in good company. is an erotic story site that caters heavily to masturbation fantasies. This site gives you user-submitted content, which means you too can join up and become part of this fascinating fapper community. Some of the stories remind us a little of Penthouse Letters in that you walk the line between “real” and “imagined.” For instance: “once upon a time in college, a blonde with D-cup boobs gave me a handjob at night in the park” – you’ll find plenty of steamy stories that are both too good to be true, and also might give you renewed faith in humanity if it is true.

 It’s a good bet that most of the content authors here on Solo Touch are male, but you have some ladies here too writing about how they make their pussy cream. Currently, Solo Touch has 46,652+ stories ready to read, and more arrive all the time. At a glance, this site is super well-designed and organized, so finding content, even super niche content, is pretty easy. They have a category menu, and also authors use keyword tags, so you can quickly hone in on stories that feature all of your particular fantasies. On the top menu, you can find quick links to take you to a forum, chat area, media area (user submitted photos and videos), and links to live cams. You’ll also notice a section for “Toys” which now happily links to a Solo Touch sex shop that offers toys and novelties (lube, dvds, books, lingerie) for men and women. It’s pretty ingenious actually that you can now purchase a dildo, hitachi, or fleshlight or whatever to go along with your special adult story time.

All told, if you tend to rather “cerebral” about sex and prone to daydreaming in general, Solo Touch will get the blood flowing between your ears AND between your legs, so check them out. And if you have a nasty tale or two to share, by all means sign up: it’s free to join Solo Touch and become part of this unique community.

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