MCStories Review

  • Unique collection of erotic mind control stories
  • Users can submit stories
  • Lots of categories to choose from
  • Active member forums
  • Basic design
  • Fan fiction no longer accepted
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes

MCStories is an erotic literature website covering a very specific niche. Instead of bringing you a general array of user-submitted content, it puts the focus firmly on mind control fantasies. From there, a huge number of subcategories can then be explored.

There is no denying that we live in a time where visual stimulation is king. Television shows and movies are more popular than the books they are based on, cam girls are online 24/7 to play out any sort of role play that is craved, and porn users can submit their fantasies and then watch as their favorite starlets perform those fantasies in professional scenes. There is even virtual reality porn now. With so much to view, you might be surprised to learn that some people still enjoy reading erotica.
At first thought, sexual stories might appear to be at a disadvantage, but if you have ever lost yourself in a good book, you know that isn't wholly accurate. The experience is much different from watching porn, but that doesn't mean that it is any less enjoyable. The written word doesn't have the sort of limitations that traditional porn has. Absolutely any topic can be written about. Physical limitations, set designs, and budgets are never an issue. Things that would be illegal to have in a porn video are fair game in text. No matter how impossible, freaky, extraordinary, or depraved a fantasy is, there is a place for it in literature.

MCStories lets you know before you even enter into the site that its content is both impossible and immoral. It is for fantasy and not real life. The bluntness used within the site is straightforward and refreshing. The member forums are active and the conversations are full of imagination and without bullshit.

The “MC” in the title does not stand for Minecraft or emcee, as the site will tell you. It is dedicated to mind control erotica and often delves into extremely inappropriate territory. There is a strong theme of dominance here. Most stories involve men somehow gaining control of the mind of someone who would otherwise never consent to the sexual acts they commit for their new masters. It can, of course, stray from that, but more often than not, it is a man in charge and taking advantage for sexual gain.

There are over 15,000 mind control stories within the site and they cross into all kinds of categories. There are professional authors as well as complete amateurs who contribute. As a result, you will find lots of terrific tales, but also some awful duds. 

If mind control and taboo are topics that intrigue you, you will want to grab a membership and immerse yourself in all that offers.

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