Chyoa Review

  • Good Looking Layout
  • Free To Register
  • Very Community Orientated

When you visit, you may be interacting with adult content in a truly brand-new way. I write a lot of porn reviews and I don't think I have made such a claim before, but there's a first time for everything, I suppose. So, what makes CHYOA any different from the countless other sites? Sure, it's an erotic literature-based site that doesn't rely on porn videos or images, but we've all heard of sites like those already. That is true. But have you ever had an interactive adult story? 

When you load up this page you'll see the current tally of literature published to the site. "Read and participate in 11,831 interactive sex stories" it states. But what does this mean? The menu has the "CHYOA GUIDE" to let you know what's going on here. It reveals that "readers determine the outcome of the stories by choosing which path to follow every time they're given a choice." I must say, this sounds legitimately intriguing and puts this site a notch above other competitors, at least from my perspective. Not only does this engage my imagination, but I'm also in control of where this erotic story ends up. 

As usual, this is a social network and community-driven business model that puts user experience and involvement as the top priority. Getting users to buy into the community is key here because there are no giant tits bouncing on every screen like on Brazzers or PornHub. Users can submit their own content which is kept fresh and updated constantly. This is vital to any porn site (or any website). I liked seeing that CHYOA put effort into making a FAQ section with rules and guidelines to make the process as streamlined and easy to understand as possible. 

So, is CHYOA up your alley? In my opinion, it should be. It gives you the opportunity to get more out of an erotic adult story website. It's a bit of a throwback while still being something fresh and new at the same time. In the adult industry, that's always a win.

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