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If you watch enough porn, you're bound to develop a few fan-boy crushes on your favorite porn stars - and why not? They wouldn't be doing their job otherwise! But, even though you can Google until the cows come home, there's no such thing as a universal porn star search engine...or is there? If you hate wasting hours combing the web for up to date info about your favorite adult stars, and you want to find the top porn star sites out there, we actually have several solutions to your predicament that we are happy to share!

Fair disclaimer: facial recognition technology definitely has a way of being creepy, and we're all about your 4th Amendment right to privacy. That said, if you or someone you know has starred in a porn film, well, then your full-frontal image is probably all over the place anyway. Enter Pornstar By Face: a new and unique website that uses facial recognition technology to identify pornstars from a picture. Now, this place is still in BETA, and you won't find any male talent just yet. However, just give them time...and welcome to the horny future!

Additionally, if you're already a film geek, then you know about IMDB – but did you know about IAFD? IAFD stands for "Internet Adult Film Database" – and basically, this catalog will let you see porn star bios, detailed lists of a performer's stats and scenes, and even directorial credits. Needless to say, IAFD is an invaluable tool for your porn trivia needs!

But if you're sitting here going 'yeah that's nice, but I wanna jerk off,' no sweat – we got that covered too! For the fan on the go or the fan who wants to sample a wide variety of content before scooping up a membership, sites like and are invaluable.

Freeones especially has been around since 1998 – back when people had to jerk off on 56K modems! You'll find galleries and clips here, but also links to live cams and a huge forum. If you want to keep up on the gossip about your favorite babes or chat with fellow fans about your favorite scenes, Freeones is the place to be. has less of the social aspect, but they are a bit more modern – i.e., circa 2005. On, you'll find content sorted by name, not niche, so you can find videos by porn star. So let's say you're having an Angela White kind of day with a side of Abella Danger? You'll find both those letter A's in the same neat column. Just don't crash your browser bringing up too many tabs!

Last but definitely not least; you'll probably want to check out Tube Porn Stars. This site is different than the other porn tubes out there because instead of just clips, you'll find a list of the most popular porn stars and the platforms upon which you can enjoy their content. Look, we're all about helping out fans on a budget, but these babes work so hard that the real way to show your respect and appreciation is to pay for your porn at some point. Tube Porn Stars promotes the work of individual performers that you might not otherwise get to see too. You'll find is fast to load and easy to use. Links are sorted by newest videos, most popular updates, top rated content, and most voted scenes - so click away!

Of course, with so many gorgeous ladies (past and present) working in porn, it's near impossible to keep up with all of them - but hopefully, with our Porn Star List, you can get a leg up - or at least figure out who you want to see next!


On you'll find a unique resource for keeping tabs on the American porn web community. In case you were wondering, IAFD stands for “Internet Adult Film Database.”...

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PornStar By Face

Pornstar By Face is a truly unique website that uses facial recognition technology to identify pornstars from a picture. Once the star has been identified, you can click on her profile...