IAFD Review

  • Huge adult film resource
  • Covers over 300,000 adult films
  • Community can submit corrections
  • Active on Social Media Networks
  • Bland site design

On iafd.com you'll find a unique resource for keeping tabs on the American porn web community. In case you were wondering, IAFD stands for “Internet Adult Film Database.” It's currently maintained by a staff of volunteer editors, seemingly extremely committed to their cause. Knowing how extensive the adult industry is, such a massive undertaking should evoke some serious respect. After you take a look yourself, you'll most likely agree.

Upon first glance the site seems rather basic, but once you dig in it's quite evident this site has a lot under the hood. Consistency and attention to detail are vital in any review-based model and I was surprised to see how up-to-date they were, with their newest reviews having been submitted the same day this review was written. It would be easy to let those things slide knowing how much needs to be reviewed out there, but IAFD seems to be on-top of it.

What peaked my interest was their Resources section. Why? These categories: Birthdays, Astrology, Search Distributors, Search Studios, Glossary, Vendor Info, Adult Movie FAQ, and Dead Porn Stars. Some of these are standard, but I would never have imagined someone would search out porn stars by their Astrological Sign, Birthday, or especially by their Death-day. No judgment here, but I wasn't expecting that type of search experience.

So how much content is on their radar? They claim to be covering over 300,000 titles and almost 180,000 performers and directors. They also encourage comments, additions, and corrections to be submitted by their readers. It's not only refreshing to see they engage their user community so directly, but it's honestly a great way to maintain quality and transparency across the board. It creates a healthy, organic dynamic that speaks to their success thus far.

While IAFD might not be the site for everyone, it's definitely a respectable source for keeping up with the porn community. I have to admit that I found myself quite impressed with their approach. Even the novice porn star fan should consider giving them a visit or three. Check out iafd.com - you won't regret it.

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