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  • Free Videos Typically Last 5 Minutes or Less is a site committed to giving their members access to their favorite niche interests and porn stars. Not many sites can truthfully say the same. While FreeOnes may not be the flashiest site, it shines in the details. Honestly, that's what we need these days. We need more sites that deliver on their mottos. FreeOnes claims to be "The Ultimate Babe Site Since 1998.” Well, who doesn't like babes? Who doesn't like the 90's? If even half of this motto is legit then most of us are going to be pleased.

The instant the Free Ones homepage loads you may feel overwhelmed, at least initially. Why? Because the site wants to show you all it has to offer. It's not unorganized or cluttered, but the page is filled to the brim with a giant load of options to kick off your journey to jerk town. First you have tabs like: What's New, Babes, Board (message boards), Galleries, Free Videos, Sex Cams, and Reviews. Sound like a good start? Each of those tabs have drop down menus packed with links to guide you further. And guess what? We're still at the top of the homepage. Glance down and see we're not even started yet. 

Free Ones allocates much of their front page (at least visually) to thumbnail images showcasing their latest galleries, free porn videos, and personal stores. But links still dominate the site overall. The right column gives sections like Porn by Category, Live Cam Girls, Chat with the Stars, and Newest FreeOnes Babes. Porn by Category is separated into columns by subcategories: Videos, Links, and Sex Channel. Live Cam Girls has a handful of niche options. What stands out is the ‘Chat with the Stars' section which directs you to message boards, each one devoted to one of 640 porn stars.

Honestly, it's difficult to do this site justice in a review. While it may not be someone's first choice in a porn site, I think any serious fan of porn stars would do themselves a disservice if they passed on visiting There's also plenty of things the average porn fan would love about this site. With the sheer quantity of content, it may be worth taking a weekend off your normal porn routine to give this puppy some attention.

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