WikiFeet Review

  • Celebrity Foot Fetish
  • Good Amount Of Content
  • Great Search Engine
  • Ads are annoying

In a world with so many types of porn, there’s Wikifeet, a site that deals in celebrity feet. Yes, it’s a foot fetish website, but the feet need to belong to a celebrity. That’s right! Foot fetishists also have crushes on Hollywood actresses (and celebrities in general) like the rest of the world, so it’s only fair that they should have their own website dealing in this kind of content.

There are a few rules, though… To ensure that we keep this strictly about celebrities, the photos should feature only stars listed on IMDb. That’s not all: there can’t be any copyrighted material (unless you have permission from the copyright owner), and the pictures need to include toes, soles, or arches; they’re not interested in shoes or socks. This is about feet! Also, there isn’t any “adult” content on the website, and if you try to upload some, you will be banned. They’re keeping things nice and clean here. It’s only about foot fetish—nothing else.

There are a few more rules, but I’m not going to get into them. You can check them out in the Site Rules section. Inside, you’ll find pictures of barefoot celebrities in yoga pants, barefoot celebrities at the beach, by the pool, pole dancing, and just about any scenario in which they are more likely to remove their shows. You will also see their feet in stylish high heel shoes at award ceremonies and stuff like that. If there’s any chance to take a good look at their feet, they’ll take it. Many Hollywood actresses, like Megan Fox, for example, do sexy photoshoots for different magazines. Megan did one posing naked (covering her privates with a towel) in the bathroom, implying she was getting ready to take a nice soapy bath. On those pics, you can see her cute feet in detail. Those pics are on this website. Look them up!

For some reason, quite a few celebrities upload pics of their feet on social media. Maybe because they’ve just done their nails (which match their hands, too), perhaps because they’re trying to show off some type of new footwear, or maybe for some other reason. The point is that those pictures also make it into this collection. You’ll find actresses and models and sportswomen from all over the world: American chicks, Japanese celebrities, etc., etc. also has sister sites: WikiFeet Men (same concept, different gender), and WikiFeet X (same idea, but porn stars instead of mainstream actresses). So, visit and indulge your foot fetish as well as your fetish for famous women. You’ll find plenty of entertainment inside. If you feel like collaborating, you can do so, but you need to be a member first. You sign up, and then you can contribute by uploading pictures to share with the rest of the community.

The staff members of the site come up with a whole bunch of stuff to keep things entertaining. For example, there are also polls on a variety of different subjects involving feet: How do you feel about foot tattoos? Do you prefer natural toes or painted toes? Check it out; you’ll have a good time!

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