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If you love watching celebrities fucking and also enjoy Asian porn, then Sex Celebrity is a site you will want to visit. The site promotes itself as a home for deep fake sex videos starring famous girls, but also has a lot of Asian porn sprinkled into the mix for good measure.

Deep fake videos are growing in popularity and for good reason. Steamy sex scenes in movies and television are no longer enough to satisfy. People want far more explicit content. They want to see their favorite celebrities showing pussy and being penetrated. They want to watch A-list babes sucking cock and getting sprayed with cum. The Sex Celebrity site gives the people what they desire.

The technology behind deep fake videos switches out faces with varying degrees of believability. Most are extremely convincing. The bodies and voices belong to pornstars, but the face you see is the celebrity. If your favorite actress hasn't filmed any nude scenes or had any sex tapes leaked, Sex Celebrity makes it possible to still see a version of her in XXX action.

There are several categories to choose from here. Hollywood, Bollywood, KPop, Chinese, Singers, Vintage Celebs, and so on. I spent most of my visit looking through the Hollywood section. I watched Krysten Ritter giving a blowjob, Anne Hathaway getting drilled hard from behind while having her head stepped on, Katheryn Winnick masturbating, Gal Gadot getting her tits groped while riding cock in POV, Kaley Cuoco getting gang banged, Vanessa Hudgens getting big black cock, and Catherine Zeta Jones taking a mouthful of sperm.

The porn inside of is free, but you should be prepared to deal with ads and especially the pop-up kind. There are usually promos for porn sites and memberships after videos have finished as well. It's annoying, but the trade-off is a lot of porn featuring the faces of the women you have been fantasizing about for years at a price that everyone can afford.

Sex Celebrity doesn't lie to you about how real the content is. It tells you right away that the sex is real, but the celebrities are not. Instead, it invites you to take a detour into dirty dreams and enjoy the show.

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