Scandal Planet Review

  • 100% Free To Use
  • Good Amount Of Scandals
  • Hot Celebrity Content
  • Some Video Ads

People love a good sex scandal, don’t they? Especially when it comes to celebrities! That’s why sites like exist. People just love to watch their favorite mainstream celebrities getting kinky. If it’s a sex scene from a Hollywood movie, they’ll take it, sure, but it’s more exciting when it’s a leaked sex video or leaked nudes! On Scandal Planet, you’ll find all the things I’ve just mentioned and more. The best part? It’s 100% FREE!

These guys have taken it upon themselves to gather all the existing celebrity sex tapes out there, all the nude photos, and all the nipple slips that paparazzi sometimes manage to get. Still, on top of that, they’ve also collected all the Hollywood sex scenes they could find on every actress that has ever done one. They even throw in a few deepfakes here and there, which can come in pretty handy from time to time. Let’s take an actress, for example. Let’s say… Margot Robbie (by the way, thank you for Margot Robbie, Australia!). Go to the celeb list on the site’s top menu and look her up. On her profile, you’ll find leaked pics, candids, pics from her social media, nipple slip pics taken by paparazzi, all her sex scenes with Leo DiCaprio in The Wolf Of Wall Street, her sex scene with Will Smith in the movie Focus, and all the sex scenes she’s ever shot (plus a bunch of pictures of her as Harley Quinn, which people seem to fucking love).

Some profiles offer more content than others. Not every celebrity has a leaked video out there, so we have to settle for her nude scenes. I keep talking about Hollywood actresses, but it’s not only about them; you’ll find all kinds of celebrities on the site. There are sportswomen, rappers, singers, musicians, TV show participants, and even those people we have no fucking clue as to why they are so fucking famous, but there they are. You know, those social media “personalities.” As long as they have a celebrity status, it counts, and it’s included in the list. In some cases, you’ll watch them gobbling fat veiny cocks explicitly, taking cock balls deep into their sweaty, dripping-wet slits, and doing a whole bunch of other things that can be considered “hardcore.” In other cases, however, we’ll be dealing with “softcore” stuff: boobs, asses, maybe even a cameltoe here and there, some upskirt picture, etc., etc. Somehow, they also manage to get Snapchat nudes occasionally.

We lead busy lives these days, and sometimes we’re not up to speed on the latest leaked stuff, so being subscribed to Scandal Planet will keep you updated on the nude celebrity front. You’ll discover nude pics you didn’t know existed, and maybe you’ll even discover some celebrities on which you were missing out. If you’re into this sort of stuff, and you fap fairly regularly to celebrity porn, then subscribing is a good idea. Again, it’s free, so… And the service they are providing is fantastic if you stop to think about it. Let’s not just take it for granted.

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