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Take a break from reality and visit a site where the hottest celebrities do the dirtiest things. Mr Deep Fakes supplies you with the best, most realistic looking porn starring A-list actresses, pop stars, and reality television drama queens. None of it is real, but the thrill is just as good. Thanks to talented people with filthy minds and the technology to make magic happen, no starlet is off-limits.

Using AI technology to put a celebrity face onto someone else's body, the possibilities at Mr Deep Fakes are endless. Watch celebs taking it up the ass, getting cum facials, sucking cock, eating pussy, and so much more. Some models have 100+ deep fake videos on the site. You can search the girl by name, or you can look up a category that interests you, such as anal, BDSM, creampie, gay, POV, etc. and see which celebs are in the mix. The videos can be very convincing, but keep in mind that voices aren't transferred, just looks.

If you have ever wanted to see Angelina Jolie getting gang banged by big black cock, then you are in luck. Have you ever wanted to take jerk off instruction from Emma Stone? What about watching Ivanka Trump stick big toy dongs up her pussy and ass? Or watch Emma Watson writhe in pleasure while being fingered by Selena Gomez? Mr Deep Fakes has all of that and so much more! Fanfiction levels up with the scenes you will get to see in this XXX site.

Joining is free. Most of the videos are free as well, but you will occasionally run into creators wanting a small fee to view them at full length or to download them. When you become a member, you will get to create your own playlists and subscriptions, use messaging, and some other cool features. The site also encourages users to become creators. When you first submit, your videos will be monitored, but once the people behind the site decide you're good, you will be able to upload new deep fakes more often. There is even a Creator Program with earning potential.

The next time you are binging a show with the hope of seeing a star in a love scene, go to Mr Deep Fakes instead and get even more than you were hoping for.

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