Kitty Kates Review

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Porn doesn't always need to be immediately in your face, and sometimes visiting a more basic gathering of others with similar tastes can be just the sort of escape and socialization a person needs. That is why forums like Kitty Kats have been able to stay popular, despite all the less personal places to find porn online. does not look impressive when you first visit. There is nothing that stands out and there are no explicit graphics to greet you on the home page. The color scheme is a questionable choice and the design looks like it hasn't been updated in at least a decade. Surprisingly, none of that is a put-off. If anything, it gives it a familiar feel and makes it seem more genuine and welcoming. It is truly a place where porn fans can gather to discuss and share the performers and content that they most enjoy. People can freely discuss what would never be permitted around the water cooler at work.

At the time of this writing, there are 99,322 members and over 276,000 threads. It's a popular destination and new posts are popping up all the time. You can open individual sections, or you can watch the new posts listed on the right side of the screen.  

Models participate on the forum and your best bet at interacting with them is to hang out in the threads within the Girls of Kitty Kats area. These are sorted by Top Models, Internet Models, and Webcam Models. There is also an area for fans to discuss their favorite girls and make requests. Some of the other forum sections include Hot Outfits, All About Boobs, Hardcore, Fetish, Shemales, and lots more.

The first thing you should do upon visiting is to read the Rules and Recommendations. Kitty Kats encourages an environment of respect for other posters as well as for the models. The list of prohibited content will be a relief to those who prefer their porn to be ethical. In addition to not allowing anything illegal, such as underage girls, the site also has firm rules against depictions of rape, pain with bodily harm, spy cams, and bestiality.

The next thing you should do is register for an account. It is completely free and will allow you to have your own profile, upload content, and participate in forum activity. If you love being able to openly discuss your sexual side and make requests for things that meet your specific tastes, then there is simply no good reason not to join.