• Active discussion forums
  • Great way to socialize with others who share your interests
  • Some models interact in the forums
  • Lots of Celebrity pics and gossip
  • Member-created polls and competitions
  • Busy design
  • Threads are sometimes removed
  • Some questions go unanswered in the forums

Everyone knows that girls just wanna have fun, and inside of they are. Best of all, they're doing it without their clothes on and with the knowledge that complete strangers are going to be ogling every bit of exposed flesh and getting off to it. is an adult entertainment blog and active discussion forum full of sexy pictures and funny links. It's a lot different than most modern sites and feels a bit like stepping back in time before the internet was so saturated. The site connects people while also titillating them.

While the forums are easy to navigate, the blog is another matter. It feels cluttered, and the overall design can feel overwhelming. It is text-heavy with a color scheme that I found a bit frustrating to look through. However, the content does make up for it. Funny memes, NSFW pictures, and all the things you wish your friends would post in your Facebook feed but would be banned for can be found. From bikini-clad babes horseback riding, scantily dressed celebrities in candid shots, girlfriends stroking off their man in the car, to cam girls flaunting their tits and pussy for money, Phun has it all. They balance out the porn by also including real-life pictures of people doing dumb things, adorable animals, amusing products, inappropriate fruit, and lots, lots more.

The forums are the real draw for the site. The blog is packed full of content, but the forums contain even more, as well as tons of lively discussion about it all. There are several sections to explore. There are areas for meeting the models, finding their social media, discovering unknown amateurs, and so on. There's another section specifically for sexy videos, broken down by pro and amateur.

In addition to the girls of adult entertainment, you'll also find a wealth of celebrity stuff. Naughty celebrity pictures, gossip, sex scenes, photo shoots, and more are there. There are also polls and competitions.

One of the areas that is the most fun is the Home section where members get to relax and socialize while discussing a myriad of topics, whether porn-related or something else entirely. won't be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who still reminisce about the good old days, it will be a welcome change from most of today's offerings.