Fappening Book Review

  • Nude Celeb Photos
  • Loads of Content
  • Search From A-Z
  • Over 30,000 Celebs
  • Not everything is free

When you hear about a new celebrity nude leak, do you immediately look it up on the internet? Well, why do all that hard work yourself when Fappening Book is doing it for you, and for free? Actresses, singers, famous sportswomen, social media personalities… these guys have a vast database of celebrity porn. They take stuff from all available sources, and they put it together in this fantastic collection of celebrity fap material. It’s all there in one place, and all you have to do is just add it to your bookmarks, and check on it from time to time for new stuff.

Each month has several new celebrity sex vids, and nude pics added. Some months are better than others, obviously (leaks are fortuitous, not programmed), but you will be provided with a constant supply of celebrity porn. Everything that’s out there, it’s at your disposal all the time. They work pretty hard on this website, and you can tell because they’re continually updating it with the newest stuff. They don’t slack off. Besides, it’s not just leaked vids and pics they are gathering, but everything related to naked celebs. Whether it’s a sex scene from a movie, pics from the paparazzi, the celebrity’s social media, or any source – they’ve got it! It’s all there laid out for you.

OK, let’s talk about the site’s navigation a little bit. It’s quite comfortable. The information is displayed clearly (some sites are confusing, and that’s annoying), the content is organized in more than just one way (by month, by popularity, A to Z, etc.), so it’s effortless to look up material…  I mean, there isn’t a single thing that could make me go, “Fuck this site,” and move on to the next. I’m quite happy here. No complaints. Plus, they have a HUGE database of celebrity porn. It’s tremendous (there are over 30,000 celebrities from all over the world, which means they’ve done an extensive job here). Every star has a profile with stats and info: date of birth, age, profession, nude photos, birthplace, leaked content, and so on. On some celebs, you’ll find just the naked scenes they’ve shot for mainstream movies since not every celebrity in the world has a sex tape out there. But if the sex tape exists, and it’s on the web, you will, without a doubt, find it here.

Like I’ve said, FappeningBook.com is free, and it has more than 1,070,000 photos for you. The place is packed with celebrity nipples and celebrity butts. They’ll even throw in bikini pics, too. Some celebrities are caught sunbathing topless by the paparazzi, and that ends up all over the web. We know the internet has a lot stored, even more than we can imagine, probably, but the key is knowing where the stuff you’re looking for is located. When it comes to celebrity porn, the people responsible for Fappening Book will make sure it’s all in one place for you. Check it out!

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