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Looking for celebrity porn? Check out what Celeb has in store for you. You’ll find leaked nudes and sex videos, and nipple slips captured by paparazzi, sex scenes from movies, iCloud hacks, and a lot more. Actresses, sportswomen, singers, models, internet personalities, and also artists in general as long as they’ve achieved celebrity status; all of them qualify to be featured on Celeb’s nude celebrity list. And, by the way — it’s a HUGE list!  

The content is organized alphabetically, so if you’re looking for a celebrity in particular, just hit the letter of her first name and look it up. Even better, just type her full name in the search bar and hit the magnifying glass icon. Simple as that. That will take you to the celebrity’s profile. On her profile, you’ll find some stats (date of birth, birthplace, profession, social media, etc.), a short biography (three paragraphs or more, depending on the celebrity), and her pictures and videos. The content is separated into three categories: Nude Pictures, Nude Videos, and Leaked Content. The site includes a blog, on which you’ll find about a whole bunch of stuff, and you’ll be updated on the newest celebrity leaked photos and videos.

Speaking of updates, the team behind Celeb.gate.cc seems to be continually working hard on the site, because updates are very, very frequent. Each month sees a whole bunch of new celebrity videos added to the collection. On some of the videos, you’ll watch big-name celebrities (Hollywood actresses) sucking dick, getting pounded, or simply posing naked. There are a lot of nude selfies that were probably meant for somebody else (a boyfriend, or fuck-buddy, or whatever), and now ended up on the web at our disposal.

It’s a great feeling when you finally get some of this stuff on your favorite actress or the celebrity you have a crush on, isn’t it? But many of these mainstream actresses don’t have a problem with nudity at all; we’ve seen them more than once in different movies, showing off their succulent titties, their mouth-watering asses, and their smoking-hot bodies in general while doing sex scenes with their male counterparts. There’s plenty of that, too, and this website also gathers those sex scenes from the big screen (sex scenes from TV series also included here). Get ready to watch your favorite mainstream celebs in action across this stupendous collection!

Kat Dennings, Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Tila Tequila, Margot Robbie, Amanda Seyfried… these are just a few of the many celebrities you’ll find inside. In some cases, it’s just a wardrobe malfunction (a nipple slip or an upskirt shot of their vulva); in other cases (like in the case of Amanda Seyfried or Paris Hilton), you’ll see the celebrities explicitly sucking on a dick. There’s a lot to explore on Celeb! Go check it out right now! There are more than 7,500 celebs on the list. You wanna know the best part? It’s 100% FREE!

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