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Those of you out there looking for celebrity porn to fap to will love visiting Celeb Jihad. On this website, you’ll find a fuckton of celebrity sex tapes and clips from movies featuring nudity and sex. There are also many pictures. 

There are plenty of nude scenes, new ones and old ones (and the old ones have been remastered and enhanced), and even compilations. For example, there’s a compilation video of every nude and sex scene that Scarlett Johansson has ever done, plus her leaked photos and videos. The site also has plenty of creative art. For example, there are photos in which Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is taking a big purple dick in her stretched out snatch (yes, that means Thanos is fucking her slit). On another picture, Hulk is ravaging her asshole with his gigantic green dick (I know, so many colors of dicks). There are also some “deep fake” videos of “her” sucking dick, and every sex scene she’s ever done, plus photos of her cleavage, nipple slips, and also when her nipples poke out of her top.

If you wanna have some fun with naked celebrity content and a bunch of creative fakes without taking things too seriously, this is a marvelous site for you. You can comment on the videos and the photos, and other users would comment, also, and reply to your comment. From time to time, you’ll come across people fighting in the comments. If you’re easily offended, or an SJW, just steer clear of Celeb Jihad. It’s called Celeb Jihad because the mastermind behind this website impersonates a misogynous Muslim supposedly from Afghanistan, and on every celeb picture and celeb video he posts, he leaves a misogynous comment. For example: “As you can see, Brie flaunting her perky tits, pencil eraser nipples, and flabby dumpy ass has never been clearer… Unfortunately, so is her smug feminist face.”

People in the comments go crazy about this stuff, insulting the guy, not realizing that it is a parody. He’s making fun of people who think like that (in fact, he’s posted a fake biography of himself, portraying him as a backward idiot), but people are going, “This is wrong in so many levels” in the comments. Yeah, he says things like: “… for certainly a compelling argument could be made for a post-lapidation pounding of this sass-mouthed slut’s sex holes.” Yeah, he aims to cause outrage, it seems, and it’s working. These days, there are some things you just don’t joke about, but this guy is saying, “Fuck you, you will not censor my sense of humor.”

If you are willing to have some fun, not taking things too seriously, then visit CelebJihad.com. If you don’t share the creator’s sense of humor and you find it offensive, then just steer clear. Simple as that! Go get your celebrity porn along with some dark humor!

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