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Welcome To Tommys Bookmarks
I started this site in October 1997 sort of as a goof but slowly it grew into the website you see today. I called it Tommys Bookmarks because that's just what it was. A list of my favorite sites that I had in my bookmark folder. I figured If I liked them other people would also. So after fixing Elevators all day I would come home and surf around for good links to put up on the site - It was a hobby that grew into a full time job

My Wife isn't crazy about Porn.
So as you can figure I get nagged about TB a lot. But I love working on this site And adding new Porn Links Every day. This might sound a little spiteful but every time someone adds it to their bookmarks or comes back another day. That's my way of getting just a little payback for all the arguments and grief - I hope you enjoy the site
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