FikFap Review

  • Unique website style
  • Good navigation
  • Short and too the point videos
  • Loads of hot girls
  • Some features may be lacking!

I can still remember my first visit to FikFap mainly because I really had no idea what the site was about and on my first visit I was greeted with a slender stunner staring back at me totally naked. That told me I was in for a good time and I wasn't going to miss out on getting myself a bunch of TikTok porn. has a rather unusual site layout. You don't browse TikTok porn the typical way that almost all of you would be used to doing. Instead, you navigate the videos using your mouse wheel or the up and down arrows on your keyboard. I know it might sound a little strange but guess what? It actually works a treat because it allows you to focus on one TikTok porn video at a time. 

Homemade smut that's served up on such a tasty platter, Hell yes, I'll always be down for a second helping of that. You can also use the search feature built into the site and I guess if you happen to have the urge to find something specific, that's what I'd suggest you use to find it. has a good amount of real TikTok porn content and I think you guys are going to love it!

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Fap Bar, what the hell am I talking about? While it might not be a bar where you can go to meet hot ladies, it is most certainly a place where you can see them totally naked!