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CelebrityFakes.com has a whole bunch of fap material for you. If you get off on celebrity porn, then this site is a pretty good option. You’ll like what they have in store for you.

Every now and then, some celebrity makes a homemade sex video, and it leaks out. However, this doesn’t happen that often, and it doesn’t happen with every star. So, in response to that, Celebrity Fakes has taken it upon itself to provide us with videos of our favorite celebrities having sex. Sure, they are fake, but at least they are not lying about it, I mean, it’s in the site’s name. So, you are already fapping to these celebrities in your imagination, so a little visual aid can come in handy. They do a pretty good job. These days we have the technology to make pretty convincing fakes. It’s not like back in the day when you could tell from a mile it was a fake.

Anyway, the tags include Double Penetration, Bukkake, CFNM, Threesome, Wardrobe Malfunction, High Heels, and even Tentacles. As you can see, these guys get pretty creative with the content. So, take Natalie Dormer, for example… there’s a video on which she’s getting her pink wet slit drilled by a big cock while she keeps talking to the guy (remember, these are fake celebrity porn vids — it’s Natalie’s face “photoshopped” on a porn star’s body). For those of you that have dreamed about a porn video featuring Jessica Rabbit, now you can watch her blowing Roger Rabbit’s thick, veiny cock. It’s pretty hot!

So, I love Brie Larson. Since she’s pretty popular these days thanks to her role in Captain Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she’s famous enough to have her own fake porn video on Celebrity Fakes. It’s a good thing for fappers out there. There are two ways of approaching fake porn: 1) “Meh, this is fake, it’s not doing anything for me,” and 2) “Hey, hang on, this is pretty good!” I go with option two. There isn’t a real porn video of Brie Larson sucking dick, and why use my imagination when others have done a pretty good job making a fake video for me? It definitely helps! If you see it that way, too, then you’ll have a blast on this website.

Do you know what’s great about this website? You can submit your own creations! If you’re good at photoshop and you want to contribute to the site’s collection, you can upload your videos, and they’ll become part of the collection (I’m guessing there’s a process in which they approve your submission or not). The site also has a live cam section. You’ll find models from all over the world offering different types of shows: solo, couple, transsexual, gay, etc. The site also covers fictional celebrities, like Princess Peach. If you’ve grown up playing Mario Bros games, then maybe you could use some of the videos on which Princes Peach gives nice titjobs with her huge rack. Grab your fake celebrity fix now and dig in!

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