Angry Bangers Review

  • Awesome graphics
  • Wicked PVP
  • Cool Gameplay
  • Smoking hot girls
  • Easy to play
  • In-game purchasing

I have always been a fan of playing video games and even at my current age I still play them at least a few times a week. Back in my day porn games didn't exactly exist, well not in the sense that they do now. Leisure Suit Larry was on that does give me fond memories but looking back the graphics were bad and so was the gameplay no matter how much we want to think that it wasn't.

Sex games today are much more involved and are also very complex. People expect awesome gameplay these days and they also expect graphics that will blow them away. Users also want to PVP because they love people knowing that they are better than them, it's just the way that the cookie crumbles so to speak.

Those of you who like all the things that I have mentioned so far need to get themselves on over to so they get right to the good stuff. Angry Bangers is all about hot sex, PVP, Pussy, graphics and so much more. It seriously has everything that you could want in a sex game, take a look for yourself and tell me it doesn't dare you to explore what it has to offer!

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