SexEmulator Review

  • Loads of sex games
  • Very realistic girls
  • Categorized titles
  • Fun to use
  • Needs better sorting options!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make the perfect and I do mean perfect babe? I know we all have different tastes so finding the perfect women that pleases us all just isn't going to happen. It is for that very reason that you're going to love using to make your very own sex doll.

I have a few different porn games that I play on a regular basis but this was my first time giving Sex Emulator the once over. First and foremost all the customization options totally blew me away. I could give my girl a name and I choose Destiny because I thought it sounded pretty freaking hot. Next, I had to decide her ethnicity, hair color, breast size (I went large), and last but certainly not least the sex skills that she possessed.

Now I needed to pick a fantasy and at this point, my mind was racing at a thousand miles an hour. Now I was totally in love but that happens when you have the perfect babe doing all the naughty things that you ask of her. Once you enter the member's area you're going to see this isn't the only sex game that you have to use. They have over 400 games to choose from and you can even find sex cams to watch as well. They tried to have a little something for everyone and from the little taste that I have had so far I'd say that statement is very accurate.

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