ZENRA Review

  • Exclusive English subtitles
  • High Def content available
  • Multiple site updates every week
  • Large diversity of fetishes represented
  • Some genitals censored
  • Not all content in HD

On Zenra.net, the East and West get a little bit closer. Zenra provides Japanese Adult Videos but, more importantly, they bridge the gap with those of us in the West who may have felt some disconnect with the genre. When you see it for yourself I think you'll agree that Zenra makes watching Japanese porn even more enjoyable than ever.

All fans of this niche know there are some challenges when it comes to watching Japanese adult films. Obviously, most of us in the West don't speak the language so if you like knowing what's going on (besides fucking) then subtitles are important. Zenra provides exclusive English subtitles, which is a fairly rare thing. They also give users in-depth reviews of the scenes so you'll never be left in the dark. Convenience is a big deal when it comes to porn. If a site is giving you bullshit, you leave the page and find another one that's ready to get you off, now. Zenra knows this.

But what really shines about Zenra is the content. It's definitely in the "hardcore" category, but they refer to it as "Maniac Japanese AV." What does that mean? It means it's not traditional mainstream porn. These sluts are going all out to get you off in ways you'd never expect. You'll see fetish niches like Bukkake, Gokkun, brutal bondage, nipple torture, public fucking, group sex, extreme taboo, sex toys, schoolgirls, pee desperation, uvula play, crossdressing, and even supernatural porn. I mean, damn. That's some freaky shit.

Another challenge fans of Japanese porn know all too well is genital pixelation. Not all Zenra scenes include pixelation, but many do. There's nothing they can do about it due to obscenity laws, but at least you'll find some non-pixelated pussy here. Currently, they have over 2,100 videos of everything from dirty schoolgirls to lonely housewives and every disgraceful Asian slut in-between. If you love Japanese porn and would appreciate a site with more features to make the experience of watching it more enjoyable, Zenra.net is a no-brainer. Check it out and see how hot Asian porn can really be.

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