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Ahegao, Fellatio, Harem, Futanari, Paizuri (that’s titjob for you), Maids, Students, Teachers, Vampires, Bondage, Gang Bang, Succubus, Tentacles… these are just some of the awesome categories on UnderHentai.net! The site is packed with action, and it’s all 100% free.

A lot of the stuff on the site is available in its original Japanese version, so all of you Japanese geeks out there will be very happy with the content. Some of the content is censored, which is shit no matter how we look at it — but, fortunately, there’s a whole section of the site dedicated exclusively to UNCENSORED hentai. So, rest assured, you will watch dicks sliding into dripping-wet snatches, and you will watch them shooting jizz on the cartoon hotties. They really do a great job drawing these hentai characters. One look at them and you’re pitching a tent. Big, succulent tits, great booties, wonderfully drawn pussy lips… it’s fantastic!

So, you will find manga in Japanese. If you can’t read Japanese, no worries, there’s more content and some of it is in English. As for the videos, you’ve got subtitles and some videos are dubbed. There’s so much variety of content here that you’ll find stuff for all tastes when it comes to watching hentai. There are those that prefer the original audio, and those that can’t be bothered to read subtitles, so just pick your style and start fapping. Voice acting is an important part of hentai, and the Japanese do a fantastic job at that, but these days the dubbed versions are pretty good as well.

For each movie, you get the DVD cover and back cover. You scroll down, and you’ll find stats on the movie title. It specifies all the genres the movie covers so that you know exactly what you are about to watch. If you are subscribed (which is free), you can leave comments below and participate in discussions with other members. There’s only one con here, and it’s ads. Not just that, but the fact that you have to disable your AdBlock or the video won’t play. Other than that, the site is great and the image quality is fantastic. Plus, these are full-length movies, not clips. Check it out!

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