UFlash TV Review

  • Very public sex
  • Loads of content
  • Regular updates
  • Ads are annoying

The world is packed with exhibitionists, especially these days (no offense, people of these days). It used to be kind of a kinky fetish, but now I think it’s just pretty much common behavior. Anyway, if you’re a voyeur, you’ll enjoy watching videos of people exposing themselves in public on UFlash.tv. Access is free, and you don’t even need to register, so check it out.

Here’s what sucks about the site: you have to disable your AdBlock to watch the videos. I fucking hate that, but it’s just a click and then you can watch them. Other than that, the site is fine for a free tube site. There are plenty of amateur videos, plenty of homemade videos, and plenty of videos from people’s phones. Sometimes, chicks deliberately expose themselves in public because that gets them off, and sometimes it is unintentional and somebody gets it with their phone (plenty of upskirt shots). Either way, the content is fucking arousing, and, as a voyeur, you’ll be stroking your dick or rubbing your clit like crazy. Like I’ve said, the vids are free of cost and you can stream them without limit.

Anybody can upload their videos on here; even you if you are an exhibitionist yourself. You can get off knowing that thousands of people from around the world will be fapping to your naked body. Isn’t that exciting? Like I’ve mentioned, you don’t need to subscribe, if you do, you can upload your own stuff, and like or dislike videos, add stuff to your favorites, participate in discussions with other members of the community, download videos, and do a whole bunch of other stuff.

So, there you go. If you’re looking for a site to satiate your voyeur impulses or to indulge the exhibitionist in you, UFlash.TV is your go-to site. Step inside and see what it has to offer — I’m sure you’ll find plenty of videos to fap to!

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