This AV Review

  • Good search and filter options
  • Full-length videos
  • Loads of different scenes
  • Stacks of ads
  • Broken links
  • Navigating is mostly a nightmare

Do you have a big fetish for Japanese girls? Well, then allow me to introduce, which is a fantastic tube site packed with Japanese porn. The image quality varies from video to video, but there’s plenty of HD stuff in the mix. The site covers a wide range of niches, fetishes, and dirty fantasies, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.

We’re dealing with Japanese porn here, so you bet there’s some censored stuff in there. You can use the filters to exclude all censored porn and the site will display only the uncensored content. It’s all categorized. The video titles are in Japanese but that’s not really a problem when you’ve got screenshots and categories in English. There are thousands of videos inside and they cover a whole bunch of categories.

You’ll watch cute teens sucking dick and getting their pink slits fucked and filled with jizz, you’ll watch busty MILFs being groped and sort of force-fucked by their out-of-control step-sons, you’ll watch time-stop bandits freezing women in time so they can toy with them consequence-free, you’ll watch the classic videos where a girl in a skirt is harassed on a crowded bus, those crazy Japanese TV game shows where a lot of kinky shit takes place, and just a wide variety of stuff.

Speaking of variety, there’s a sweet variety of pussy. A lot of non-Japanese people think that Japanese people all look the same, but we know that’s not true and that there is a huge variety of facial features and body-types. You’ll find your type of Japanese girl for sure in there since they have an immense variety of them.

Bukkake is another classic you’ll bump into quite often; there’s also Reality porn (videos on which the actors play a character and there’s a script), lesbian porn, anal sex, double penetration, threesomes, old creeps fucking teen girls, and some weird categories only the Japanese would think of. We gotta thank them for those!

So, if you’re looking for a source of Japanese porn, but you can’t afford a paysite membership, this free tube site is an excellent option for your “quality time” with yourself. Don’t miss out!

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