Skip The Games Review

  • Inclusive and comprehensive search feature
  • Connects you with escorts and other adult services around the world
  • No spam
  • Depending on where you are in the world, Skip the Games may not have many entries.
  • No tags for easy sorting, must use search bar engine.

Tired of spammy dating sites, fake advertisements, and Tinder dates that go nowhere or are just catfish? Well thank goodness for Skip The Games – cause now you finally have an edge when it comes to finding hot babes who are down for fun times. Really, we understand: sometimes the effort it takes on a conventional dating site like OK Cupid is just not what you want to invest when you and your dick are looking for no-strings fun. Hell, that’s why God invented escorts and working ladies of all kinds. Skip the Games aims to provide interested adults with an easy way to connect. Now disclaimer: this site is and; any other variations on the domain name are scams, and they warn you of this fact when you arrive on the site.

In any case, what’s nice about Skip The Games is you can “lay everything on the line” from the get-go. Just like a dating site, you can select from a drop-down menu: I am a ___ looking for a ___. You can search as a woman, man, or couple – and then, Skip the Games offers options for: female escorts, male escorts who work with men OR women, trans escorts, massage services or spas, domination or fetish providers, stripper/strip club, cam/web models. You can also actually browse people hunting for adult gigs too, like for instance: you’re throwing a bachelor party and you’d like to hire some topless waitresses to handle the event. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can select where – and where is important since Skip the Games is a global operation. Additionally, you can hone in on particular traits if there’s a certain fantasy you want to fulfill. So let’s say you’re a guy going on a business trip to London and you’d love a redheaded babe with big tits make you feel like ‘Big Ben’ – search “I am a man, looking for a female escort” in London, UK – and then type in your “wishlist”: redhead, big tits. Voila!

As you can imagine, model listings here really depend on the individual. Most established escorts have plenty of pics and info, including their accepted payment methods, protocols, and other interests. For obvious reasons, you should respect that if someone isn’t into what you’re into, don’t hassle them -- just move along – there are PLENTY of other sex workers out there! It’s also common sense and good policy to take the time to actually read the provider’s ad and know what you’re getting into and ask questions; after all, this is a business transaction you are about to embark on.

In any case, if you use your head (the one over your shoulders) in the beginning, Skip the Games is bound make you and your dick a winner. Keep it safe, sane, and consensual and enjoy the ample opportunities for adult fun that this site offers!

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