Sankaku Complex Review

  • Multiple daily updates
  • A good amount of content
  • Active community
  • Many different topics
  • Mostly non-porn
  • Ads!

Sankaku Complex is a fantastic hentai forum with hundreds if not thousands of posts sharing content. There’s hentai, and there’s manga, and there’s also a fuckton of comments and discussions. If you’re interested in being an active member of the community and check out some cool art (kinky art, that is), then visit the website and take a look. You will also find pictures of sexy cosplayers posing exquisitely for the camera.

There’s a lot of content on this site. Besides manga and pictures, you will also find videos. For instance, right now I’m watching a hot Japanese college student play with her insanely big tits. She’s gorgeous all over: exquisite facial features, mouth-watering fun bags, a nice ass, and a juicy pussy which you’ll watch her fingering. It’s more of a forum regarding pretty much everything related to Japanese culture in general. Well, the kinky side of Japanese culture…

There are many threads you can follow, and many people you can communicate with. You might even make a few like-minded friends while participating. So, to participate, there are two options: the FREE option, and the Plus option. The free option allows you to subscribe for free (obviously), but you won’t get access to “premium content” and you’ll get ads. The Plus option gets rid of the ads and gives you unlimited access to all content. Speaking of content, some of it is censored and some of it is not. You know how porn from Japan is often censored… but fortunately, there’s a lot of uncensored stuff as well inside.

You’ll find stuff in its original Japanese version (Japanese audio for the videos, and also manga in Japanese), and you’ll find English versions as well. Some of the stuff with Japanese audio has English subtitles. There’s a little bit of everything inside. So much stuff that it’s pretty hard to cover it all, but long story short, this is a great place for a Japan culture geek. Whether you’re into anime, manga, hentai, samurai stuff, or anything related to the land of the rising sun, you’ll find plenty of entertainment inside. Check it out — it’s free! 

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