Sankaku Channel Review

  • Massive amount of vids and pics
  • 100% Free
  • Plenty of search options
  • Good amount of categories

Wanna feast your eyes on extremely perverted and extremely hot hentai, and you wanna do it for free? Piece of cake! Just visit Sankaku Channel. The place has over 20 million posts, all with exquisite art from many different artists. There’s plenty of Japanese-style hentai, and a fair share of Western-type stuff. You’ll find a lot of entertainment inside, and you won’t spend a cent!

Rest assured, there’s plenty of futanari content, plenty of “beast girls,” furries, characters from your favorite cartoons re-imagined to be very slutty, 3D stuff, yaoi, and classics like the schoolgirl, the maid, and so on. Also, characters from many of your favorite videogames are drawn doing very nasty things. Some of the content is censored, which sucks (especially because we’re talking about art here, and not real people… but, hey, I’m not gonna get into that now), but fortunately there’s a whole bunch of it that’s not censored.

There are ads, but they are really not that annoying. Other sites are plagued with them, and on this one they go pretty easy on you. If you want to browse the site ad-free, there’s an option to go premium, which is pretty cheap and will get rid of those ads for you. However, you can put up with the ads and have a good time regardless. The content is organized, which is good. Very good, in fact. With so much content, tags and categories are necessary. Here are some of them: Human Toilet, Humiliation, Body Writing, Ahegao (of course there’s ahegao), and Korra (the chick from Avatar). There’s so much excellent content here that you just don’t know where to start!

In the “book” section, you’ll find a huge amount of manga to read. You’ll find versions in English, and versions in nihongo (Japanese). There’s colored manga and black-and-white manga, and it’s all very arousing. There’s animation, too! But not just crappy, half-assed animation — I’m talking about detailed stuff that looks amazing. Sankaku Channel is a place where you can fap to extremely exciting, top-quality content, for free. You don’t even need registration! That’s why it’s a very recommendable website for people into hentai. Visit it and feast your eyes!

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