nHentai Review

  • 100% free
  • Huge collection of Hentai
  • Save an unlimited number of favorites
  • Multiple color themes to choose from
  • Fun parodies
  • Blacklist tags
  • No videos
  • No member forum
  • Contains lolicon

nHentai is a massive collection of pornographic drawings. There are no videos or GIFs inside of the site. It is all drawings and still artwork depicting sexual, and often strange, situations.

I have reviewed quite a few anime and manga sites over the years, but it is rare for me to come across one that offers only drawings. The singular focus appears to work in nHentai's favor as it is a trendy destination for toon porn. The library here is massive, and new content is frequently added.

As with other Hentai sites, you can expect to find a lot of really bizarre fantasies. Part of the appeal of this sort of smut is not being tied to the laws of reality. You can have half-human, half-demon girls with massive tits and cocks as well as pussy. There are pointed ears, tails, serpent tongues, and all manner of bizarre shit. There are no limits other than the artist's own imagination and talent.

Because nHentai.net has such a large amount of content, they must have a site with features that allow for easy navigation. Fortunately, they know this and provide plenty of straightforward options to help you find your way around. One of the features I appreciated most was being able to use language tags to find content in English. In fact, when searching "English", I was given 64,771 results! Multiple tags can be selected at once, so if you want to find elf ear fuck content, it's easy to do. There is also the option to blacklist tags so that content does not come up in your results. There is a huge amount of lolicon in the site, which I blacklisted from my results pretty quickly after discovering that it came up frequently when using the "random" feature.

There are tons of tags that you can browse. Some are confusing, some are really bizarre, and others are exactly what you might hope for. You can also explore by Artists, Characters, Parodies, and Groups.

Not everybody is going to be into the sort of material found inside of nHentai, but for those who are, it is an absolute goldmine of explicitly drawn porn images.

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