LobsterTube Review

  • No Ads
  • Large Variety Of Videos
  • Easy To Navigate
  • Working Search Engine
  • No User Registration

When you know you want to watch porn, but don't have any specific site in mind, a tube is always a good choice. LobsterTube pulls content from all over the web so that you can find something to satisfy your craving without having to do too much surfing around. Best of all, most of the porn it links you to is free.

I wasn't sure what I would find when Lobstertube.com came up for me to review. I wondered if I was going to be introduced to some weird new porn niche. Fortunately, I didn't find anyone getting kinky dressed as sea creatures. Instead, I found a wealth of good porn. I didn't figure out the meaning behind the title, but it didn't take long for me to become much more interested in the porn than the name.

Lobstertube features thumbnails giving a glimpse of what to expect. When you click on one, you are taken to the site where the video is hosted. Most are free, but some require a fee or an account. Those are marked with a dollar sign so that you are aware of it before clicking through. Updates are added every day and there is already a huge amount there.

The site allows users to choose to see straight, trans, or gay porn. There is an advanced search as well as an abundance of categories to explore. When browsing a category, you can use sort and filter features to narrow down the results. Users can give the videos a thumbs up or thumbs down rating, but you can't leave comments, download, or save favorites on Lobstertube. In fact, you can't even create an account. The site simply provides the links and for more, you will have to see what the hosting site offers.

Lobstertube does not allow user uploads and does not accept links from every site that tries. They use strict criteria when approving sites, so that content is kept legal and good quality. If users notice repeat issues with a specific site, they are encouraged to report it so that Lobstertube can maintain its reputation as a reliable source for good porn.

Lobstertube is straightforward and doesn't cost a dime to use. Why not check it out?

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