JJGirls Review


Psst! Do you have a special, stiff “thing” for Japanese aka JAV girls? Well then it’s high time you acquainted yourself with this very special site known as JJgirls.com.  JJgirls is the ultimate free JAV pic source that is piled high with hot content from all kinds of sources on the interwebs. Chances are, if you are a tried and true fan of this niche, then you love it all: the uncensored, the pixelated, the schoolgirls, and the weird fetish stuff that makes you wonder—and marvel.

JJGirls has been around since 2003, and they remain a fan-favorite site for this niche, with over 7.5 million hits each month. Now, that said, we want you to brace yourself and make sure you are sitting down. Quite frankly, JJGirls.com is overwhelming – it’s filled to the brim with content, and you’ll see “a little of this, and a little of that” like all over the place. But again, if you love the JAV porn scene, this is a> not a surprise and b> probably part of what turns you on too, right? Feel free to click on any flashy pic or gif that speaks to you – or go on and try the category menus. We will say that we like how they showcase the more popular Japanese porn actresses front and center, so if you love fapping to Kirara Asuka, Yuma Miyazaki, Uno Sugloka, Maria Ono, or Kurumi Tamaki – to name but a few of the lovely JAV ladies here, it’s easy to just click and see all of their hot free scenes and pics.

If you like reading small print though, on the lefthand side, you’ll find JJGirls Categories with various niches. Now be advised, they seem to combine your usual hardcore categories with studios, cam sites, and tubes—so it is still kinda easy to get lost, but we don’t think you’ll complain anyway! In our case, we were just running around like a horny guy in a Japanese candy shop—because that’s basically what JJGirls is!

JJgirls is truly a must-see site for any fan of Japanese hardcore, and there’s even genuine hentai here as well. You do not need an account or to pay anything to experience the piles of content here, so the experience is hassle-free. Save your dough for that trip to Toyko and get busy on JJGirls in the meantime!

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