InstantFap Review

  • Awesome Content
  • Easy To Navigate
  • Loads of categories
  • A Big Time Waster (Not a negative)

We live in a time of instant gratification—so it goes to show you that Instantfap is an idea whose time has cum…like five minutes ago! We aren’t joking when we say that Instantfap will revolutionize your jerk-off experience. You see, besides the no-frills, no-bs layout of content ready to get you off, Instantfap truly puts the ‘friendly’ in user-friendly.

Allow us to explain.

Let’s say you are enjoying a short clip (and most of them here are between 10-30 seconds) of a MILF with a teen couple—but, maybe you wanna change it up now because you see another MILF you like too. All you do is hit the arrow keys to keep on skipping ahead—and you can fap, fap, fap at lightening-speed! Oh, and if you’re enjoying the show, the videos play on a loop by default (and you can customize the duration), so the clip won’t change unless you click the arrow forward. Really, even paid porn sites won’t typically do this for you, but on Instanfap, you can enjoy your “favorite parts” until you blow your wad, hassle-free.

Instantfap collects all kinds of high-quality porn in just about every niche, and they’ve organized it so meticulously that there’s never any guesswork when it comes to finding what you want. Based on your initial category preference, Instantfap automatically compiles a list of related content you might enjoy. For instance: let’s say you went with “Teens” – you’ll see videos tagged college, busty, old4young, and so forth. You can easily switch categories because everything is alphabetized and orderly. Speaking of order, you can totally create your own Fap-list to play your favorite clips—or try your luck and check out a randomized list.

In any case, life is just too dang short to not be watching what you want to see the most, or to waste time with endless scrolling. Instafap takes the bs out of the equation when it cums to securing high-quality porn for free. You need only point, click, and fap, fap, fap until you burst here, so what are you waiting for?! Godspeed and remember to lube well and hydrate!

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