ImageFap Review

  • Huge Image Collection
  • Easy To Navigate
  • A Good Section Of Categories
  • Pop-Up Ads

Remember the Internet of the 1990s? Forums and chat were like cutting-edge…and you had to jerk-off to PICS – not videos, but pictures, that took forever to load on a 56K modem connection. Well, is basically like taking the time tunnel here back to those pre-highspeed days. However, they still remain a> full of content and b> wildly popular – so what’s up with that?

Well, what makes Imagefap a truly special place is its unique community of users—and it is a very active community too. In other words, you can find much more than just free pics on Imagefap.

Right when you surf on to Imagefap, you’ll notice a pile of user-profiles. It is a randomized list to start, but you can click on any number of category tags below to find users who share in your sexual preferences and tastes.

Imagine Chaturbate, but low-tech and that’s basically Imagefap in a nutshell. You are in no way obligated to create your own profile, but if you decide that you want to connect with likeminded people and/or enhance your fantasy life somehow, it is nice that Imagefap gives you the option. Under ‘Clubs’ you can connect with fan bases of many different niches, and it’s always great because chances are someone knows a site you haven’t tried or has freebies to share. Also, if you go under the ‘Blogs’ section, you can read dirty stories submitted by other users, or go on and pen your own Shakespearian wet dream for the world to enjoy.

Now, even though Imagefap is image-heavy, they definitely have a huge selection of video content, and even adult Gifs too—which is cool because sometimes telling someone: “suck my dick” in print just isn’t enough! The categories and site design are super-intuitive and easy to use, but if you are trying to get specific, the basic search feature definitely does its job.

All told, Imagefap is awesome if you want plenty of great free porn—and maybe a little bit of a social aspect going on. With so much to explore and enjoy, you can’t go wrong here!

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