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Heavy-r is a tube site loaded with extreme porn. This is not your average BDSM and fetish collection. Yes, you will come across plenty of bondage and spanking, but you are also going to find torture, extreme insertions, and literal shit. It is not a destination for those who have weak stomachs or high morals.

Heavy-r.com boasts on the about page that they aren't pussies and will post anything if people want to see it. Obviously, they can't allow anything illegal, but they push the boundaries and toe the line without apology. I have been reviewing porn sites for a long time, but there were things inside Heavy-r that shocked even me. There were things I found unethical and felt very disturbed by. It's not my cup of tea, but for those who do like that sort of stuff, the site will be a treasure trove.

The porn categories list some more basic entertainment such as anal creampies, gaping, and gloryholes, as well as things like panty pooping, scat, anorexic, and anal prolapse. A more in-depth look reveals several categories that aren't porn. Although they are listed as Safe for Work, I doubt you would want your boss or co-workers to catch you with it on your screen. There are videos meant to be funny, some meant to be cool, and there are others that are grotesque and gory. The aftermath and traffic accident categories are not for the sensitive.

Guests can stream the videos and members will also be able to download. The quality is all over the place, but you will come across some HD videos. Clip descriptions are kept short, but each video has a list of tags that gives you a good idea of what to expect. Users can rate the material and leave comments. There is also the option to save favorites. In addition to the massive collection of videos, you will also find pictures. Users are highly encouraged to upload their own contributions as well. There is studio-shot smut in the site, but it is drastically outnumbered by the amateur additions.

Heavy-r is far from mainstream and caters to darker tastes. For those who like things to be twisted, it will be a wonderland.

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