Find Tubes Review

  • Search several tube sites all at once
  • Search by geographical locations
  • Sexual orientation search results available
  • Over 37 million videos available to search
  • Site design could be better

On, users can find all the porn in one convenient place. That's a relief, because searching for porn can be a pain. If you type in something too broad, or sometimes even the most specific search term possible, you get all types of Google results you're not looking for. Were you searching for "anal sex" so you could get a WebMD article about how to pick out the best enema? No, I didn't fucking think so. You want to see the best quality asses with dicks in them. Well, is here to give us what we want.

The whole premise behind this site is quite simple. When you visit your favorite tube site, sometimes you go to the search bar at the top of the page. You can type in your favorite niche interest and go right to your page's supply of midget porn, foot fetishes, throating fucking, or whatever else makes you tingle in your special area. While this process serves its purpose, it's still limited to just that one webpage. What if you could search all the tube sites at once? You would get a ton of content without having to visit all of those sites individually. Sure, you could use Google, but then you're going to have all that other non-freaky horseshit to sort through. is like the Google for your noodle. 

While just the basic idea of unifying the tube search function is super helpful all on its own, I'm a big fan of the user-centric angle they're taking as well. Not every visitor is the same. FindTubes bases search results by location, so if I'm in Europe, or Asia, or boring old United States, then it will tailor my results geographically. But what I love even more is the option to filter results by sexual orientation. Not everyone is a straight male. You can select from straight, gay, and shemale videos. This might be a detail you don't find incredibly important, but it's a step in the right direction and all other sites should apply such common-sense inclusivity. When you add up the convenience and attention to detail, is a clear must-see porn search engine.

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