nude Filipina woman

When Fletcher became the benficiary during the Mutiny on the Bounty, the women who made him jump ship were believed to be Filipinas inside the epic Hollywood production. The women of the Philippines are exotic Pacific Islanders who are the only Asians mixed with Hispanics. This mix gives them an ethnic edge over their Oriental sisters.

If it weren’t for Fletcher then American and Japanese soldiers were the first hordes of foreign men who discovered the qualities of Filipino women in the bed. During military occupation of the islands American and Japanese soldiers grew very close with them. There was an very obvious red-light scene going over the past hundred years where local women served foreign men with pleasure and devotion. Japanese, British and Americans were at the receiving end with an exodus of Pinay women follwing them back home starting a wave of migration that introduced Filipina pussy around the world long before oversea foreign workers and seamen stepped into similar trails to avoid poverty in their home country of 7107 islands.

The lure of women from The Philippines is still a factor for foreign men who are seeking mail order brides and Asian escorts. Many retired guys decide to spend the evening of their lives in The Philippines while entering into marriage with a local women, some of whom start families and businesses. But what makes them so attracted to them and what is so special about the Philippine girls?
It’s rather easy to explain: Filipinas are warm hearted and most of them adore foreign guys. ‘Hey Joe’ is the formal greeting for Americans in the country, but Belgians, Norwegians, Arabs and Korean are on their hotlist as well. While shy at first like most other Asian girls, most Filipina 18 chicks warm up to intimacy rather quickly and perform sex acts that they initially considered as dirty and promised never to perform. Most Filipinas even go as far as educating themselves about sexual things on pornhub and other tube sites as long as they are free.

There is no shortage in women who can be persuaded in participating in Filipina sex videos and erotic imagery. They love to be appreciated and worshipped. God shave the Pinays!

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