Feel The Heaven Review

  • Large selection of girls
  • Full everything escorts
  • 24/7 Hours
  • Cheap full night rate
  • Pricey hourly rates

Looking for high class escorts? Well, Feel The Heaven has just the stuff for you then. If you think it’s time to experience what it is like to “feel the heaven” with a stunning knockout (you know, in a scale of 1 to 10, she would be an 11 — that sort of bombshell!), then you’ll find a whole variety of models fitting that description on this escort site. Go check your savings balance and see what you can do because these girls are worth every penny.

We’re not talking about cheap whores here. These are not the kind of girls that you’d find on the street cruising around in your car. These are chicks that are used to luxury, expensive clothes, expensive restaurants… but don’t worry, you don’t have to buy them clothes or take them out for dinner, you can just pay for their services. They include licking every part of them, 69, “energetic blowjobs,” cum in mouth, obviously penetration, and a lot more. Depends on the model. They all offer pretty similar services (I mean, they obviously offer fucking and sucking), but some might be willing to do nastier things than others.

Usually, you’ll find a list with their services on each profile. The prices can be a little expensive, yes, but remember, you are treating yourself! These aren’t regular girls — these are girls that are way out of your league! These are chicks that train regularly to stay in shape, girls that take care of their skin with the best products, chicks that dress well in fancy dresses and expensive outfits… these are top-quality escorts we’re talking about here. Wanna know what it feels to fuck top-shelf pussy? This is your chance!

Sure, I get it, fucking the occasional skank here and there has its appeal (we all have our fetishes, and that’s why the internet is packed with porn niches), but you’ve got to try the good stuff at least once. You can eat all the cheeseburgers you want, but treat yourself to a lobster one day — you deserve it! Break that piggy bank (with your boner if you have to) and go to Feel The Heaven. Tons of amazing escorts are waiting for you in there. Get that pussy!

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