CamWhoresBay Review

  • Loads of sexy cam whores
  • Easy to navigate
  • User uploads
  • Regular updates
  • Some ads

Do you like sexy cam whores? Yes? Great! Then you are going to absolutely love what’s inside Cam Whores Bay. This is a free website site where you’ll be able to fap to recordings of live cam girls (and you’ll be shown options to fap to real chicks in real time). Check it out!

Sometimes you go to your favorite cam site and your favorite model isn’t live and won’t be for a while, but you wanna fap now. You take a look at what’s around, but despite the hundreds of models that are live simultaneously, you just can’t find the perfect girl. Nope. No one online right now compares to your favorite cam girl. What do you do? You go to Cam Whores Bay and you look her up right there. You’ll find recordings of several of her live shows, and you’ll be able to fap to her without having to wait to her next live show. Cool, huh?

That’s one of the positive aspects of a site like Cam Whores Bay. The other, is being able to fast forward and skip the bits where the model isn’t doing shit. If you’re not new to cam girls, then you know that sometimes these chicks just sit there texting people on their phones, listening to music, and sometimes they even leave the room and go to the kitchen to grab a bite, or to the bathroom to take a piss or a shit… Meanwhile, you are waiting there, with your cock in your hand like a stupid fucker. That sucks. Also, sometimes the model would just sit there and do nothing while she waits for tokens, tips, credits, or whatever (the shows are free to watch, yes, but they do shit for tips, so…). Well, now, thanks to the recordings, you can fap to the interesting bits, without losing your boner because the model went to the bathroom so she could fart far from the mic’s range.

If you didn’t know about this type of sites before, you are in for a treat! Go ahead and check it out! You’ll catch the best performances from many hot-ass cam girls. Enjoy!

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