CamVideos.TV Review

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Ever since slutty girls realized they could make a living from the comfort of their homes, just by doing what they love the most, which is showing off their bodies, cam sites started popping out all over the web. There are fucking hundreds of them! CamVideos.TV is a place where you can watch recordings of past live cam shows, and it can also redirect you to actual live shows on different cam sites. Check it out!

When you have a favorite cam girl, you have to catch her live show. Sometimes, you check on her from time to time every day, hoping to catch her live, but it seems like she’s slacking. Then, one night, you realize that she has just been live and you’ve missed it. Fuck! Well, that’s what recordings are good for. I remember having a crush on a gorgeous cam girl once after catching one of her live shows for the first time. I waited, and waited to catch her live again and I couldn’t. Waiting sucks! So, one day, I realized I could look up if there were any recordings of her, and there they were, all available for me. I could watch her over and over again, without waiting for days. That’s what CamVideos.TV is good for!

The site is swarmed with ads, but if you have AdBlock, that won’t be a problem. You will get redirected to live cam sites, though. It happens when you click on something from time to time; it’ll open a new tab on your browser and take you to different cam sites. I’m guessing there aren’t enough cam recordings because there are porn videos in the mix. By that, I mean that there’s studio porn from famous studios like Blacked and so on among the cam show recordings, so you’ll bump into Lena Paul, Ayumi Anime, and other porn stars occasionally.

The site offers a good service. I mean, you can just go to a cam site and catch a live show, but if you are like me, and don’t have too much patience, being able to fast forward the cam shows is actually a very handy thing. Sometimes the models just fucking do nothing for entire minutes, waiting for tips to start doing something, and sometimes they leave their seats to go to the bathroom or whatever and you have to wait for them. Like I’ve said before, waiting sucks, so don’t wait and check out the site.

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