Adult Search Review


If you thought you were out of luck due to the closure of Craig’s list personals, Back Page, and other venues where you can connect with sex workers, think again! Adult Search is a platform that takes your quest for pleasure global. If you’re wondering how they exist in a time of seemingly endless crackdown and discrimination against the sex trade, well, is a Netherlands-based site, and the domain name has been operational for over twenty years at this point.

If you’re a consenting adult seeking to pay for adult services such as escorting or erotic massages, Adult Search operates in just about every major world city. Their site averages about 14 million hits per day, so don’t be fooled by the “serene” landing page that’s just a list of cities. If you need a rubdown with a happy ending in Sydney or a session with a domme in Toronto, Adult Search makes it easy to find the companionship or experience you’re craving. At a glance, you can browse strip clubs, escorts, sex shops, swingers clubs, massage parlors, trans-specific escorts, and gay bathhouses.

In addition, you will find there are sex forums for pretty much every city where you can talk with other members too. One thing we do love about this platform vs. others is that you have most listings with pictures and also user reviews to look at as well. Adult Search has a little bit of an “Adult Yelp” factor, which is great because johns can help other johns.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make that vacation or business trip—or a trip around the block—that much more exciting. As always, we want you to remember to use common sense and stay safe—and keep all the fun safe, sane, and consensual.

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