Lola Contact Information
Stats: 34D-24-34
Height: 5'5"
Age: 33
Hair Color: blonde
Weight: 115
Chicago ,
My Photos and Bio
I can set you on course again and restore your creativity, happiness and authentic masculinity. Together we can map our erotic menu as it unfolds to determine the ingredients that will arouse, heighten and retain desire. Letís bring you to full boil.

Since I have a fulltime career that limits my availability, I practice my arts selectively with the hope of expanding my realm of knowledge, imagination, and personal experience with those who share a similar passion for exploring the periodic table of Eros in a real, unscripted way. Certainly, such practice will make for a more flavorful and lusty score that packs a hypersexual crescendo.

$300 ~ 1 hr

$450 ~ 1.5hr

$600 ~ 2hr

$900 ~ 3hr

*additional hours $250hr

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