Wanda Wanton Contact Information
Stats: 38F-28-34
Height: 5'7"
Age: 40
Hair Color: black
Weight: 135
Chicago ,
My Photos and Bio
Wanda Wanton
Simple, as a little girl my friends in Wisconsin, used to call me "Wanton Wanda". Now Wanton isn't my real last name, but it's close. As I became a teenager and my chest started to develop ( no, I wasn't born with the 38F's I have now, I grew into them or should I say they grew on me...lol) Wanton became my nickname.
(I wonder Why?)
Well, as story goes, I moved around a lot while growing up. In Wisconsin I was born in West Allis then we moved to West Milwaukee, Wauwatosa & Walworth. Later we moved to Illinois and lived in Waukeegan, Woodstock, Wildwood, and Westmont. Now I'm living in W--------. (No, I won't tell you exactly where, but it's a Northwestern suburb...and it's not Wheeling...keep guessing or better yet, make an appointment and I'll take you there.) I've always lived in a place that began with a "W". Go figure.
Want more?
Even most of the streets I lived on began with "W". Crazy huh?
Want to hear the best one?
When I take off my bra, guess what letter you'll think of? (38F's remember...lol) WOW!

$275 for the 1st hour and $200 for each additional hour(s) of our time together is expected and GREATLY appreciated

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