Clair Jordan Contact Information
Stats: 38-39-DD
Height: 5'7"
Age: 42
Hair Color: black
Weight: 121
Boston , Las Vegas ,
(702) 673-7832
My Photos and Bio
Clair Jordan
Have you been looking for a companion who is Sexy, down to earth, easy to know, stimulating in every sense of the word, Smart, creative, worldy, Sophisticated and a hell of a lot of Fun??

Do you have a Desire, perhaps a need, to let a Strong, Intelligent Woman (not a girl) take the lead, knowing it's going to be All Good?

You've come to the right place. I am that Woman.

I offer you sanctuary from the stress and pressure of your day to day responsibilities, a safe, fun, place to just lay it down and truly relax. Time spent with me means great conversation, jealous looks from other gentlemen, deep, sincere laughter and conversation, along with Intimate, Sensual moments no one will ever know about, if you don't tell

1 Hour 500.00
90 Minutes 600.00
2 Hours 800.00
(702) 673-7832

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