Grace Milana Contact Information
Stats: 34C-28-36
Height: 5'8"
Age: 34
Hair Color: brown
Weight: 125
Miami ,
(646) 624-7828
My Photos and Bio
Grace Milana
I am a dream maker extraordinaire, who glories in the fulfillment of your deepest and most secret fantasies. Everyone harbors secret yearnings; desires carried through life, unshared and often unsatisfied. But that fate need not be a fait accompli. Come with me on a dream world escapade where your deepest secrets and fantasies will be realized. I invite you to share with me that secret stage.

I possess unique qualities enabling me to meet and exceed your wishes. Throughout my life, I have lived in many lands, known many people and played many parts. I possess an intuitive understanding of my partnerís needs. I can be all things and yet still be Grace. Why not join me join me in this quest?

1 hour 400.00
2 hours 750.00
3 hours 1050.00

(646) 624-7828

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