Veronica Verra Contact Information
Stats: 32C-22-34
Height: 5'2"
Age: 24
Hair Color: brown
Weight: 110
Las Vegas ,
My Photos and Bio
Veronica Verra
I am a midwest girl born and raised in Utah. I believe my upbringing is what makes me so great. I look and feel like the girl next door, but I am more like the woman your mother warned you about. A woman that takes great pleasure in tempting you with all of your wild fantasies.

College educated and classically trained in dance, I am very athletic and love the outdoors. I am a fitness and health junkie. I enjoy my time in the gym and love keeping my body tight and toned. And, even though I am conscious of my figure, I am careful to never lose any of my exotic curves. As an Italian woman I believe real men love curves like a dog likes his bones

1 Hour $600.00
2 Hours $1200.00
3 Hours $1800.00

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