Piper Contact Information
Stats: 36-37-D
Height: 5'9"
Age: 45
Hair Color: blonde
Weight: 134
Chicago , Phoenix ,
My Photos and Bio
Hey, I'm Piper and I know you'd like me to tell you about myself, but, quite honestly, I think its always best for people to experience each other first, then you can make your own determination.

I am an "in the moment" person and all that I am interested in is giving 100% of myself to lend 100% to an experience! ( I do draw the line at standing on my head, however!)

I live life like I have 5 minutes left and believe in treasuring your moments. I genuinely will do anything I can to help make a better day for someone. I do enjoy things that are unique and "out of the box". (Did I mention I have a creative way with chocolate?)

So, that's pretty much me in a nutshell

one Hour-- $500
90 Mins -- $700
Two Hours -- $900
Three Hour Dinner Date -- $1350


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