alex choi Contact Information
Stats: 34-35-C
Height: 5'5"
Age: 30
Hair Color: black
Weight: 125
New York , Boston ,
My Photos and Bio
alex choi
I am sophisticated and well educated.

I overflow with a positive energy that will lift your senses and ignite your inner flame. I am intelligent, have a keen sense for business and possess an outgoing personality.

I love connecting with people and I truly love in the art of entertainment and seduction. I love providing the type of hot sexy ask for anything you want kind of encounters that men (and women!) often don't get to experience in their everyday lives.

I enjoy great conversation, love to laugh and am passionate person who makes the most of each moment.

700/1.5hrs: Introductory meeting
1000/2hrs: Indulge in pleasure
1500/4hrs: Cocktail/Dinner date

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