Blaire Fierre Contact Information
Stats: 32C-25-34
Height: 5'7"
Age: 24
Hair Color: blonde
Weight: 120
Los Angeles ,
My Photos and Bio
Blaire Fierre
When you lay your eyes on my tightly sculpted body, you just may relinquish all control through the vein of love. My face is angelic, my legs long, tanned and muscular, my demeanor ethereal, not of this world. Through a haze of passion and intrigue, you will become drunk with visual gratification.

I am a true paramour supremely skilled in pleasuring my man to the tenth power. When we meet, a madly erotic attraction will erupt instantly and there will be no time to think. The onrush of impulsive urges will mesmerize as we surrender to unearthly desire. Getting lost in each other, an inexplicable magic will empower your manhood with a carnal hunger that you've never known. A terribly magnetic chemistry will unleash itself with a fire begging to be quenched

1 hour 700.00
90 minutes 1050.00
2 hours 1400.00

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