Cameo Knightley Contact Information
Stats: 34-35-C
Height: 5'7"
Age: 35
Hair Color: red
Weight: 127
Los Angeles , Las Vegas ,
(802) 232-2060
My Photos and Bio
Cameo Knightley
Welcome to a fantasy realm where firey romanticism permeates all in which I touch.
Cherry lips fresh from a dream, I am an exotique darling..
Bewitching My Fellas with Superb Romantique Notions..
I am one of those free spirited deeries, who seeks those who wish on a star
In the dark of the night, I'll emerge from the velvet depths of ribboned curtains. I will haunt your dreams

Violet eyes that see deeply
A beautiful world of potential love
Extending a goodness
To true lovers who admire
The finest of A lovely Cameo

Height: 5'8"
Hair Color Long Red
Eye Color Light Violet
Body of the Romantiques

1 hour 450.00
2 hours 700.00
(802) 232-2060

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