Brittany Olsen Contact Information
Stats: 34A-28-34
Height: 5'7"
Age: 21
Hair Color: brown
Weight: 120
Los Angeles ,
(415) 574-5699
My Photos and Bio
Brittany Olsen
Originally from the scenic San Francisco Bay Area, this stunning brunette is all things beautiful and memorable. At 20 years old, she has achieved quite a lot. After graduating high school early while opening and then running the operation of her father's business, Brittany says she got bored and felt like she would never achieve her goals working, albeit successfully working, in her hometown. It was time to move on to achieve things on her own. Even though everyone doubted her, she packed up all by herself and moved south to LA to attend a private college to study Marketing.

She considers herself a natural people person, someone who can talk about anything with anyone, because she's always willing to learn something new and share her own views and considerations. But being in the spotlight was never something she got to do growing up with three eccentric sisters. So, Brittany decided she would capitalize on her confidence, her masculine business savvy and her beauty. She currently lives and goes to school in LA, but works, and is available, worldwide.
(415) 574-5699

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