Kendal Roberts Contact Information
Stats: 34-35-33d
Height: 5'8"
Age: 30
Hair Color: blonde
Weight: 120
New York ,
My Photos and Bio
Kendal Roberts
Born overseas I have been fortunate to live in many different places, but now call New York home. I am passionate about travel though so I am usually gone for at least a few days every month, perhaps we could travel together?

Elegant and graceful, I am comfortable in any situation, whether a formal event, fine dining restaurant or a more intimate setting such as over a bottle of good wine on my couch or dinner at a cozy neighborhood gem.

I thrive on new experiences and adventures, I truly enjoy getting to know someone and discovering new experiences together. Tell me what excites you, what inspires you, what gives you pleasure, what you are passionate about. I would love to learn about your passions and what gives you pleasure, and to discover new parts of myself. Uncomplicated intimacy is as desirable to me as it is to you.

90 Minutes 1200.00
2 hours 15.00

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